Come to the Dark Side on 360 and PS3

While Focus Home Interactive is bringing the latest installment of Sherlock Holmes to the PC everywhere this Fall, Atlus is bringing the adventure to the 360 and PS3. While we know Atlus more for it's quirky Japanese RPGs like the Shin Megami Tensei series, they have been branching out more as of late and this is one more example.

In The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, we see a much darker side to the famed crime-solver, when he solves a spectacular crime of theft, only to be accused of returning a fake set of gems to the owner. Soon, everyone is doubting Holmes, including Scotland Yard and his once-faithful partner, Dr. Watson.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes for 360 and PS3 is not simply a port of the PC version. Developer Frogwares has built the game fron the ground up to fully support the high-powered capabilities of the 360 and PS3 and to make the control more friendly and versatile for its console audience. Additionally, characters have been mo-capped, the areas will be highly explorable, a new light and shadow system has been implemented and full voiceovers will also add to the experience. Check out the E3 2012 trailer and screenshots below to get a feel for what is coming your way this September.