Gameloft's E3 2012 Lineup

Gameloft is showing their upcoming releases for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in worldwide exclusives at E3 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameloft has teamed up with Marvel to create The Amazing Spider-Man, the official iOS/Android game of the upcoming Spider-Man film. This game is an action game taking place in an open-world rendition of Manhattan, with somewhere between 36-39 missions. As in the movie, your primary supervillain is the Lizard. The game features a fighting system with melee attacks, ranged attacks, zone attacks, combos, dodges and more and, of course, a wide selection of upgrades to customize your own attack style. While on iOS and Android devices, The Amazing Spider-Man is going to feature a full 3D environment with advanced shaders and visual effects. Check out the screen shots below; the game looks pretty good for being on a portable device. The Amazing Spider-Man is slated for release on June 28th, 2012

Asphalt 7: Heat

This is the latest installment of the Asphalt series. In this racing game, players can select from 60 prestigious real-life cars, such as Audi, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, DeLorean and Ferrari. There are a total of 150 races on 15 tracks from around the globe, including Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio. There's a feature called the Asphalt Tracker, that helps you find friends to challenge, share achievements with and compare stats or you can find opponents using the online matchmaking system. The Heat features 6 different game modes, including a multiplayer mode for up to 6 players. A Release date was not given.

Kingdoms & Lords

Here, we have a simulation and strategy game that lets players build and develop their own kingdom and amass an army to hold barbarian invaders at bay. For the simulation side, you expand your lands, cultivate and harvest crops and raise animals to get money and food. On the strategy side, you'll build an army and attack your neighboring kingdoms and devise a defense strategy to thwart enemy attacks. Players can battle against each other to determine who has the strongest army. Kingdoms & Lords released today

Cosmic Colony

In Cosmic Colony, players must create and expand their own space colony and make it prosper on a mysterious planet. Cosmic Colony has numerous space missions and features unexpected events that players must deal with in order for their colony to succeed. You'll discover strange landmarks all over your planet and explore space, seeking out multiple galaxies and planets in search of artifacts. No specific release date has been given, but Cosmic Colony is reported as coming "Soon."