Play Boom Town On... Anything

During E3 2012, appMobi released "Boom Town" simultaneously in the Apple App Store, Google Play for Android, and on Facebook, addressing a massive cross platform user base of over 1.5 billion end users with a single HTML5 game.

Boom Town is an old west-themed combination game with the objective of building the biggest town possible before running out of space on the game board. The game demonstrates the power of HTML5 and appMobi's industry-leading game development tools and cloud services.

Over the past two years appMobi has led the industry in bringing HTML5 to a place where it can compete on a level playing field with iOS and Android, and Boom Town is proof of this concept. Developed in just six weeks using the ImpactJs game engine and a single HTML5 code base, Boom Town is a "tour-de-force" of cross platform mobile game development. With appMobi's cloud-based build system, the same code was built for each supported app store. appMobi was demonstrating Boom Town on a variety of mobile devices at the E3 show.

Boom Town illustrates appMobi's HTML5 game engagement and monetization capabilities, including:

  • Cross platform game saves using appMobi's appSync
  • Deep Facebook integration for single sign-in, viral invites and game play updates
  • In-app purchasing using appMobi's 1Touch Universal
  • Leaderboards and badges using appMobi's playMobi
  • Analytics tracking using appMobi's playMobi
  • Multi-channel background and one shot sounds using appMobi's multiSound
  • In-game cross promotion

Today's mobile gamers often have multiple devices and want to enjoy their favorite games on all of them. But mobile games don't communicate across different devices, so high scores, levels, and virtual goods are only available on the device from which they were earned or purchased. appMobi's appSync enables saved Boom Town games, high scores, and gold to be instantly available on any supported platform, using only a Facebook login, so players can focus on playing the game.

"At last year's E3, appMobi introduced directCanvas acceleration, giving HTML5 games native graphics speed; we said, 'Boom! There goes the neighborhood. Over the last year we've perfected the use of HTML5 to develop and deliver massively cross platform games, giving developers the fastest possible path to literally billions of mobile device users around the world. Today, we're proving this capability with another first, our own massively cross platform game. Forget the neighborhood ... Boom! There goes the whole dang town!"
- Sam Abadir, chief technology officer at appMobi

Beyond showcasing appMobi's arsenal of HTML5 game technology, Boom Town is an engaging game that will deliver hours of fun on desktop PCs and a variety of popular mobile devices. The free game is available now in the Apple App Store, Google Play (Android Market), Google Chrome Store, and on Facebook. It will also be available shortly in the Amazon Appstore, Nook App Store, and Intel AppUp store as well.

For more information on Boom Town and massively cross platform game development using HTML5, the Boom Town page on appMovi's official website.