Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

So your little brother and sister watch you playing Just Dance with your friends and they are jealous? Well, Ubisoft and Disney Interactive have just the thing - a new kid-centric dance game themed around the Disney musical universe. Just Dance: Disney Party will be released worldwide in October 2012 for the Kinect for Xbox 360 and the Wii.

On display this week at Disney Interactive's booth at E3, Just Dance: Disney Party will allow youngsters to have the same high-energy dancing experience as their older siblings and parents, but with the kid-friendly Disney music they have come to know and love.

Featuring both classic and current songs from beloved Disney films and Disney Channel shows, plus the iconic Disney Them Park song, "It's A Small World", kids and parents alike are sure to get off the counch and onto the dance floor. Kids will get to see clips of their favorite Disney movies and shows playing in the background while up to 4 players can dance at the same time. Kinect players can even star in their own music videos.

Chec out the full track listing below for your favorites:

Disney Classics:

  • “The AristoCats” ( “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat”)
  • “Beauty and the Beast” (“Be Our Guest”)
  • "Bolt” (“I Thought I Lost You”)
  • “Cinderella” (“Bibbidi-Bobbidi–Boo”)
  • “Enchanted” (“That's How You Know”)
  • “The Jungle Book” (“The Bare Necessities”)
  • “Lilo & Stitch” (“Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”)
  • “The Little Mermaid” (“Under the Sea”)
  • “Mary Poppins” (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”)
  • “Peter Pan” (“Following the Leader”)
  • “Tangled” (“Something That I Want”)
  • “Tangled” (“I've Got a Dream”)
  • The Muppets” (“The Muppet Show Theme”)
  • Tinker Bell, “Fly to Your Heart”

Disney Channel Original Series and Movies:

  • “A.N.T. Farm” (“Calling All the Monsters”)
  • “Camp Rock” (“This Is Me”)
  • "Good Luck Charlie” (“Hang In There Baby”)
  • “Hannah Montana” (“Hoedown Throwdown”)
  • “High School Musical” (“We're All In This Together”)
  • “Jessie” (“Jessie Theme Song”)
  • “Phineas and Ferb” (“S.I.M.P.” “Squirrels In My Pants”)
  • “Shake It Up” (“Shake It Up”)
  • “Shake It Up” (“Twist My Hips”)
  • “Wizards of Waverly Place” (“Everything Is Not As It Seems”)

Disney Theme Parks:

  • A Disney Parks iconic song (“It's a Small World”)