Because Skyrim Wasn't Long Enough

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting its first expansion later this June with Dawnguard.

The expansion will integrate into the existing world of Skyrim, adding new quests and locations to the already overflowing map. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard introduces a new main quest line focusing on the region’s vampire population. Players will first learn of the expansion’s story by listening to guards in towns. From there, they will have the chance to set out and join the nightwalkers, earning new Vampire Lord abilities, which will have its own skill tree. Alternately, players can join the Dawnguard, an order of vampire slayers, in an effort to keep the Vampires from using an Elder Scrolls to blot out the sun. Anyone familiar with vampire lore already knows that would be a bad thing.

Dawnguard will add between 15 – 20 hours worth of gameplay. In addition to the main quest, new side quests and dungeons will show up on the map. Characters will also be able to acquire new, more powerful weapons and armor, including crossbows (which are tied to the archery tree). Additionally, players using the Companion’s werewolf “gift” will have access to a brand new werewolf skill tree.

Xbox owners interested in jumping into Dawnguard early can apply to beta test the expansion by registering at the Dawnguard website. Applicants will have to register an account on the game’s official forums. If chosen, players will be emailed a download token, granting early access. As a “Thank You,” the beta will double as the final release version at launch.

Dawnguard is an Xbox 360 timed-exclusive. PC and PS3 releases will follow.