Enter If You Dare...

From the minds of Ron Gilbert, whose earlier projects include Maniac Mansion and the first two Monkey Island games, and the team at Double Fine Productions, comes a new adventure called The Cave.

You will form your team of three by choosing from the seven different characters available and move throughout the world of the Cave seemlessly, with no loading. The possible spelunkerers include a set of creepy twins, a monk searching for his master, a hillbilly searching for love, an adventurer, a time-traveler hoping to right a previous wrong, a scientist who wants to make an earth-shattering discovery, and a knight hunting for Excalibur. Some areas will be themed for the different characters, but all levels will be true adventure levels, with items to pick up and puzzle-solving, and will range from an underground amusement park to what appears to be a research lab, some underwater and outdoor areas, and even a city rooftop. If you want a different experience, simply play the game again with other character choices for your team, because with different characaters, new areas of the Cave will be able to be accessed.

The characters will be fully voiced, including the Cave itself, who is sentient and acts as sort of an internal monologue. Your characters will meet other characters while exploring the Cave and through these interactions, you'll learn more backstory about all of the characters. If the soundtrack for the debut trailer is any indication of what to expect from the final porduct, the music willl be eerie and whimsical, all at the same time. Check out the below trailer and screens for a preview of what to expect when The Cave launches via digital download for the PC, 360 and PS3 in early 2013.