Umbrella Beware: Leon and Chris Are Back

On October 2, 2012, Capcom will release what is surely to be the most explosive installment of Resident Evil to date - Resident Evil 6. Bringing back series favorites Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and (not-so-favorite) Ada Wong, Resident Evil 6 weaves a story of terror that spreads across the globe.

On one side of the world, Leon Kennedy teams up with Helena Harper as a bioterrorist attack rocks a Presidential speech meant to reveal the horrors of the Raccoon City incident that happened some 10 years ago. Leon and Helena will then have to battle their way through the zombie-ridden halls of a college campus. Meanwhile in China, Chris Redfield with his colleague, Piers Nivan, is battling the fierce J'avo across the rooftops of Lanshiang. Chris and Leon soon come to realize that they just might have a common enemy, one with a familiar name. In Eastern Europe, Jake Muller and Sherry Barkin are doing their best to stay alive while being pursued by an all-new B.O.W., the Ustanak. Jake has an interesting past, one that is sure to shock Chris and Leon.

I think its great that Capcom keeps pushing the limit by sending players all around the world, while still keeping that horrifying vibe we first discovered all those years ago at the mansion, deep in the heart of Raccoon City. Check out the E3 trailer to see what surprises await this October.