The Price of Fuel These Days...

G5 Games, well-known for its iOS games, is set to launch its very first physics-based platformer later this summer. Jumpster is a freemium title, with available in-app purchases that can allow the player to customize their Jumpster, as well as their gameplay.

You will play as Jumpster, a little alien guy making his rounds across the universe. Unfortunately for him, Jumpster's ship gets clocked by a meteorite and springs a leak, forcing him to crash-land on the planet of Okadia. If he has any hopes of continuing his journey across the galaxies, he's going to have to locate his now-miossing fuel and he'll need to explore Okadia to do so.

It won't be easy though. He'll have to dodge his way through terrifying traps and vicious monsters, all by slingshotting himself in the direction of his precious UFO fuel, which takes the shape of little black stars. You'll be able to see Jumpster's trajectory and angle before making your shot, plus you may have to shoot a monster to clear the way. Jumpster will bounce between portals, air bubbles, and ledges in an attempt to recapture enough fuel to carry on his way.

With a fantastical and unique alien aesthetic, an engaging soundtrack and an approachable physics design to its puzzles, Jumpster is one to watch out for this July. Check out the trailer below.