Classic Bond Missions, Modern Setting

James Bond has been on a lot of missions. The upcoming film, Skyfall, marks the 23 movie to feature Bond ... well, 23rd under the license that EON Production holds. While there were a few early Bond games, it wasn't until the acclaimed GoldenEye title that each film has produced a game right alongside of it.

As a result, digital versions of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig are well represented, but what about Bond's earlier missions? Activision and Eurocom are releasing an all-new game to celebrate both Bond's 50th anniversary and those classic missions.

007 Legends starts off with James Bond, portrayed by Craig, floating in and out of consciousness, unsure of who he is or what is going on. As Bond struggles against the haze, he begins reliving major events of his past, and that is how Eurocom stitches together these unique and diverse storylines.

So far, we only know what's in store for two of the six missions. The game starts off with Moonraker and ends with Skyfall. While details on the Skyfall mission haven't been revealed yet, a recent announcement has uncovered a good bit about the Moonraker mission.

Like the classic film, Bond will go to the spaceport owned by billionaire, Hugo Drax, in order to uncover a dastardly plot to poison the world. While the story is from a movie that takes place during the Cold War, this game keeps everything state of the art. While it might be amusing to try and keep each mission in the proper timeframe, by modernizing the sets and story, the developers seem to do a good job of respecting the classic storyline, while keeping 007 Legends both new and relevant.

Activision has also announced that they are bringing back the single-player Mi6 Ops Missions from GoldenEye 007: Reloaded along with the standard array of online and local multiplayer modes featuring maps, weapons and characters from the different missions.

007 Legends will also include a new feature that allows you to play through the missions as one of Bond's allies or villains in order to see the mission from their perspective. While not much information about this feature has been revealed, we can't wait to try it out and see how well it works.

You can watch the latest trailer for 007 Legends featuring the Moonraker mission by watching the video below. Legends comes out October 16th on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.