It's in the Physics

Madden isn’t a series known for innovation, but Madden NFL 13 may signal a game change for the series.

Set for release this August, Madden NFL 13 is bringing a brand new physics engine to the game this year. Called The Infinity Engine, tackles and other on-field actions have a realistic heft not seen in previous games. Tackles don’t trigger an instant stoppage in play. Instead, players can struggle for a few extra yards while defenders need to put a little extra power behind every push. It’s surprising the feature hasn’t appeared in the long-running series, but the end results are impressive – particularly during replays.

Madden NFL 13 brings a few mechanical changes to each side of the ball as well. Total Control Passing lets the QB lead receivers, and also includes changes to dropbacks and passing trajectories. The defensive side of the ball features new A.I., allowing for expanded read and response defenses.

Hardcore Madden fans can take their game online anywhere with the new Connected Career feature. The mode lets you create a player, or play as a current or past superstar and guide their individual career. If you’d rather stay off the field, Connected Career also features the option to create or play as a coach (even John Madden). Connected Career runs across mobile platforms as well, and even features dynamic feedback in the form of an in-game Twitter feed.

Xbox 360 players can also access exclusive Kinect capabilities. Unveiled at Microsoft’s press conference, the Kinect feature lets players call out plays and make adjustments at the line. You can switch up plays, or call out individual players.

Madden NFL 13 is receiving another overhaul on commentary. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will take over play-by-play duties. EA has also tapped numerous NFL quarterbacks, including Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, for authentic QB cadences.

Madden NFL 13 is slated for release on August 28, 2012.