Best of Both Worlds

The Crysis franchise is special in how its games differ from most other shooters on the marketplace. Neither Crysis, Crysis Warhead, nor Crysis 2 fell into the same routine that most modern shooters fall prey to. Sure, there are corridors, but they don't oversaturate the experience. Crysis games are known for having wide-open environments the player can treat as virtual playgrounds. The first game, along with the standalone expansion Warhead, took place on the tropical Lingshan Islands. Last year's sequel took place in New York City under siege. A lot of craziness transpired at the end of that game, including a hook for the inevitable sequel. And that sequel is not as far off as you might think.

Crysis 3 takes place about 24 years after the events of Crysis 2, and to make a grotesque understatement, New York has changed. By "changed," I mean it has been encased in a giant dome by the villainous Cell Corporation. Now dubbed the "New York City Liberty Dome," the city has been split into seven distinct environmental zones, together known as the Seven Wonders.

One might ask why Cell Corp. has built this Nanodome over the world's largest city; at least, that's what series mainstay Prophet does. He actually gets some answers, though they aren't very pleasing ones. He takes it upon himself to wreak his own personal brand of vengeance on those responsible. Of course, that means the return of the Nanosuit, but he's bringing a new buddy into the picture: a trusty composite bow.

The odds are high that Crysis 3 will kick ass, but you may want to jump on it early and reserve a copy. Doing so at select retailers will net you the Hunter Edition, as well as some in-game content and premiums. Do I smell early unlocks and special weapons? Stay tuned for specifics.

Prepare to suit up; Crysis 3 launches Spring 2013. For now, check out the official E3 2012 Crysis 3 trailer.