Same Game, Different Name

If you took one look at Sleeping Dogs, you would be instantly forgiven for thinking it resembled True Crime: Hong Kong, which was supposed to be released a good while back. The reason for that is it is the same game with a different name and a different publisher.

Sleeping Dogs is an action game starring Wei Shen, a Chinese American undercover cop charged with the task of infiltrating the Hong Kong triad organization known as Sun On Yee. Anyone who has seen films with a similar premise (such as The Departed) knows that this is not an easy job. Shen must ultimately do what is right, but he must maintain trust with the violent, ruthless mobsters. Even if it means doing things that are clearly at odds with his own moral code.

Sleeping Dogs will feature open-world exploration, driving, brawling, and shooting. However, most open-world games don't stop at that, and it's safe to assume that Sleeping Dogs won't either. We'll know exactly what it has to offer when it hits shelves in North America on August 14. Check back for a full review.