2K Goes Mobile Via GREE Platform

GREE and 2K have announced a partnership to bring games based on the 2K's Sid Meier's Pirates! and Sid Meier's Civilization franchises to selected global social gaming markets. GREE, a leader in social mobile gaming platforms and the free-to-play business model, will work together with 2K to introduce social features within the games. These titles will be designed specifically to take full advantage of the smartphone platform. Both games will be developed at 2K's studio in China.

"GREE's social games have generated tremendous interest in Japan and are a driving force in making Japan one of the most fascinating social gaming ecosystems in the world. Creating social mobile games based on the Sid Meier's Pirates! and Sid Meier's Civilization franchises are our way to connect with Japanese fans in a fun and innovative way."
- Fabien Siouffi, VP of Online and Social, Take-Two Asia

"Sid Meier's Pirates! and Sid Meier's Civilization have been beloved franchises for decades, and Civilization has been recognized as one of the greatest strategy franchises of all time with nearly 11 million units sold-in worldwide. Recreating these timeless classics on GREE's fast-growing platform is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring deep, rich gaming experiences to a new audience."
- Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K

Pirates! Legends

A socially interactive battle and questing game. Players will sail the Seven Seas in search of the ultimate fleet team. Along the way, they will be confronted with countless enemies as they travel around the world in search of hidden treasures and the ultimate reward of becoming the most notorious pirate ever.

Civilization (working title)

This will be a social interactive game where gamers are required to build their own empire to stand the test of time. Through the process of leading the empire, discovering new technology, waging war, establishing new diplomacy, and building the most powerful civilization, players will be confronted with some of history's most famous leaders to become the greatest civilization in the world.


Partnering with Cyberagent, 2K is also bringing a taste of the award-winning, top selling, NBA 2K franchise to the GREE platform in Japan. It will be optimized for a mobile social gaming experience in a player-stats battle format. Leading the superstar players in the game will be Michael Jordan, who will continue his celebrated involvement with the NBA 2K franchise on the GREE gaming platform.

"We are excited to work with a renowned publisher like 2K, as it expands into the mobile social space and takes its award-winning franchises to the next level of gaming. Our goal is to build the best global mobile social gaming ecosystem for players, developers, and publishers around the world. This partnership is a big step toward evolving the traditional gaming world by creating a worldwide network for all types of gamers."
- Yoshikazu Tanaka, Founder and CEO of GREE

GREE will continue to provide the leading mobile social gaming ecosystem for users around the world, by creating high-quality content in collaboration with established global partners.