Let the Tournament Begin

Tekken once again leaves the one-on-one arena to delve back into the tag-team market where players will not only be able to take their matches online, but four different players can join in on the fight in a single match.

One of Tekken Tag Tournament 2's more intriguing features is the ability to make the tag-team aspect involve more than just the character onscreen, but also the players themselves. Where most tag-team fighters will simply have a way to swap out your active character with the one outside the ring, here, swapping characters means your buddy gets to take over and fight for a bit.

That's not the only addition to Tag Tournament 2. You will not only be able to customize the Combot's appearance, but also their attacks, plus it boasts a roster of 50+ characters with new stages and more tag-based throws and combos, making this game simply bigger in all aspects than the previous Tekken Tag Tournament title.

The developers at Project Tekken have also overhauled the graphics by providing both water and dirt effects for the outfits the fighters wear. This detail is sure to provide just a bit more realism to the game and should be a nice bit of polish to an already solid looking game.

While most of the information we have on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is for the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases, we did get a brief look at the Wii U version where a giant mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. appears on the screen and causes one of the fighters to grow twice as big.

You can expect the non-Wii U versions of this game to be released this September.