Oh Coach, miCoach

At E3 2012, 505 Games was showing off its upcoming Adidas personal training system, Adidas miCoach. miCoach is a personal training system from Adidas for athletes of all ages, gender and level.

Compared to other physical training products made for gaming consoles, Adidas miCoach offers a more technical, sports-centric training approach. Gamers can develop training plans specific to their chosen sport, track their progress, get coaching feedback, and see improvements, all set in an environment determined by the sport, from the football field to a running track. Prompts on progress are inserted into the environments, in a nice effect, to keep you aware of your progress and actual video of the different trainers is used, rather than using a digital version of them.

With full motion-controlled support and full optical body tracking, players can train alongside their sports heroes with over 400 exercises dedicated to optimizing fitness levels for particular sports activities. Adidas miCoach features 18 of Adidas' globally recognized athletes across six different sports including Kaka (soccer), Dwight Howard (basketball), Manuel Neuer (soccer), Jessica Ennis (Track and Field), Jose Mourinho (soccer), Ana Ivanovic (tennis), Will Genia (rugby) and Eric Berry (football), all of whom provide master classes for their respective sports.

"We are very excited to be bringing the miCoach console game to market. Training alongside your own heroes is a fun and engaging way to get better for your sport or simply help you reach your fitness goals."
- Simon Drabble, director of miCoach business unit, Adidas

Further, they can interact with millions of people worldwide who already interact with the miCoach system through mobile apps and micoach.com to extend their training program into their living rooms and add their achievements in the game to their exercise regime.

"Working with Adidas on bringing this game to market provides a very exciting and immediate opportunity. Bringing something truly new to the sports training and fitness segment on consoles, integrating it into the wider miCoach pantheon, and capitalizing on a packed summer of sport in 2012 is just the start of a great relationship."
- Tim Woodley, head of global brand, 505 Games

The Adidas miCoach videogame is being developed for Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Move for PS3 by UK developer Chromativity (formerly Lightning Fish Games) under exclusive license from Adidas. Adidas miCoach will be available this summer for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PS3 computer entertainment system.

For more information, check out the official Adidas miCoach website.