One's So Indie

One thing that was shown at the Xbox Press Conference is their Independent Developer program called "[email protected]". This program makes it easier for small development houses to get their hands on dev boxes and helps to facilitate getting more games made for the Xbox One.

Interested in creating games for the Xbox One? Check out the ID @ Xbox Website. Heads up... think, "Unity"...

Currently, there are hundreds of development studios in the program, and there are a lot of interesting games that were briefly shown on the screens at the press conference. One that was really neat looking was a fighting game that featured graphics that were very reminiscent of old "Steam-boat Willie"-era cartoons. More info about this and other ID games as it comes available.

If you're not a game developer and you've never heard of Unity, but you still want to make games... There's also Project Spark, which allows players to create their own games and try out others'. You're not going to sell games that way, but it might give you the experience you need to decide whether game development is something you want to pursue.