Capcom Readies its E3 2014 Lineup

E3 2014 is kicking off, and what better way to start off coverage of the gaming industry’s biggest annual event than with the recently announced lineup of one of the biggest names in the business: Capcom.

First up we have the long-awaited port of former Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3. The schlocky undead gut-a-thon will be made available through Steam globally, while a retail version will be released in Europe at an undisclosed time this summer. All the Steam-related bells and whistles will be present for the digital release, including Achievements, Cloud, Trading Cards, global leaderboards, and game controller support.

Next up we have the next installment of one of Capcom’s most popular franchises, Monster Hunter. In Capcom tradition, the name of this new game has leaped straight over the standard titling conventions straight into a pool of qualifiers. And it has surfaced as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. This 3DS exclusive, set for early 2015, casts the player as a hunter who has cast his lot with a traveling caravan. This structure indicates that players will come upon a number of diverse locales in which to kill and loot to their heart’s desire. And for those of you who prefer to do your gaming on mobile devices, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will make its debut on iOS.

Here’s some news we can’t imagine anyone objecting to: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be released this winter for 3DS, to be offered this winter through the Nintendo eShop. The original trilogy has been remastered in high definition, complete with the three-dimensional visuals that give Nintendo’s handheld its namesake.

Finally, one of Capcom’s best-known and most beloved franchises will be making an appearance. Street Fighter’s fourth installment may have just broken the record for highest number of releases, and the newest one, Ultra Street Fighter IV, will be making an appearance at E3 2014. In addition to a staggering number of feedback-driven balancing tweaks, five new characters (Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre) will be making their debut to Capcom’s 2D fighter masterpiece, while six new environments have been added.

Stay tuned for more updates on E3 2014; we’ll keep the information coming as soon as it becomes available.