Watch It! Sony E3 2014 Press Conference

E3 is always a big show and, while there are always things unveiled during the three days of the show itself, the stage is set the day before the show even begins, with the press conferences of some of the largest companies, including the big three console manufacturers and the two largest non-console-touting game publishers.

There was a time you had to be invited and actually show up to see these presentations, but now the public can watch them first-hand on television or online.

If you missed them, however... or if you just wanted to watch them again, you can check out the Sony E3 2014 Press Conference video, below.

Witness developers fumbling their way through an overly cute Little Big Planet 3! See what PlayStation game franchise will be made into an upcoming movie! (Hint, it rhymes with "Clatchet and Rank"). Marvel that the Vita TV is coming to North America, but will be called PlayStation TV! See the whole thing for yourself and see what excites you the most.