Madden Puts the D into Defense

EA Sports is pleased to announce their greatest-running sports franchise with EA Tiburon's Madden NFL 15, featuring a busload of new defensive improvements made to enhance the overall Madden gameplay experience. Leading the defensive front, developers promise that playing the D-line or a blitzing linebacker will be more fun than ever before with new moves and abilities to disrupt the offense. Additionally, a new tackling system will allow you to make the decision at the moment of impact to go for a conservative tackle or go for a heart-pumping high-risk hit with the possibility of being rewarded with turnover opportunities.

Enhanced A.I. on the defensive side will also allow you to try to make a play, knowing that your teammates have your back because they will know their assignments more than in the past. Also in a way to help even the playing field, throwing inaccuracies will be more important than ever.

On the other side of the ball, Madden NFL 15 will have an updated play-calling system that promises to enhance the experience, even pulling from a cloud source from what sounds like a way to know what other gamers' tendencies are in specific situations. The developers also state that both veterans and newcomers will feel right at home with the training system available.

Another boasted feature in Madden NFL 15 is an even better broadcast experience of the game itself in what they are calling an NFL Films-inspired presentation. Improved player and coach models will be just the starters, but the game will also include halftime shows and mid-game dynamic highlights.

Madden NFL 15 is slated for an August 26th release. Check out the trailer and screens for a peek until then.