DOOM is Nigh...

DOOM was a great game, with a great following, but was created in the infancy of PC gaming, so as fun as it was, its graphical depth was, well, nascent. Sure, there have been sequels, but, of course, nothing with the graphical power that we have, now. Not, that is... just yet.

This is just a short video - a teaser trailer less than a minute and a half long. But, it bids us warning... a foreboding. Things are going to hell... and you will soon see your DOOM.

Well, if you go to QuakeCon this year, anyway... That's where they will have an actual DOOM Reveal. Until then, here's the teaser...

DOOM Teaser

Narrator:We were standing on the edge of discovery.
A powerful technology with infinite possiblities.
Instead, we let them in.
Fused in unholy union of flesh and metal.
Now, this brave new world...
...has gone to hell.