Cross Dynasty Warriors with Zelda?

What do you get when you take the fighting engine from the Dynasty Warriors series with the characters and scenery from the Zelda games? Hyrule Warriors, of course. Basically the storyline is a bit like the Warriors Orochi games. There is an evil sorceress named Cia who is wreaking havoc in Hyrule. The characters from the Zelda games are going to have to work together to save the kingdom, one location at a time. Each time you get an area under control or otherwise fix something, you will unlock more areas, people, and more, like in the Dynasty Warriors games. Hyrule Warriors is more of an action/fighting game than an RPG.

At this point, I don’t have information on how many characters will be available total, but we do know that you will get to play as the major characters that you would expect, like Link, but you’re also going to get to play characters that have never been playable before, like Princess Zelda, Impa, and Midna. These good guys are going to have to face not only the enemies that they’re used to, but also some brand new ones who just might be worse than the old ones!

One thing to note, Hyrule Warriors is available for the Wii U only. The beauty of this is that using the GamePad, you can play local two player co-op and each of you will still have your own screen. So grab a friend and battle your way to save Hyrule again on September 26th with Hyrule Warriors. In the meantime, check out the E3 trailer below.