The Plan? Just Attack!

NIS America is on a roll with announcements and to add to the list, they’ve announced Battle Princess of Arcadias, a new side-scrolling beat-em-up action RPG.

Battle Princess of Arcadias follows Plume, the battle princess, as she fights to rid her kingdom of Schwert of the invading monsters. Throughout this journey, players will be able to recruit other warriors to their cause and take on waves of enemies. Having more teammates assists players with the three types of battle, and those are Regular Combat, Skirmishes and Sieges. During Regular Combat, players must take out enemies as the princess and her friends. Skirmishes feature larger scale team versus team combat which plays out in real time. Sieges feature only a boss, but it’ll take all of your team working together to take down the massive monstrosities featured in the game. You’ll need to do plenty of leveling up and develop a mastery of the extensive customization system to get through these battles!

Get ready to take your sword in hand and demolish monsters when Battle Princess of Arcadias releases on June 17th, 2014, for the Playstation Network.

Feeling impatient already? Then check out this trailer!