A Whole New Little Big LBP World

Little Big Planet is back, with the upcoming Little Big Planet 3 for the PS4. This time, Sackboy is transported to a new planet called Bunkum and finds three new (and playable) friends, each with their own special abilities to make for interesting and cooperation-based gameplay.

New Playable Characters:


Of all the playable characters, Toggle is the biggest. Um, and the smallest. Actually, that might just be why he's got that name. You see, Toggle has the ability to change between being big and heavy and very small and light. When he's large, he can move things that other LBP friends can't, but when he's small, he's so light his weight doesn't even activate buttons. Turns out there are a lot of situations where it can be quite useful to be able to change your size and mass on demand. Who knew?


Swoop is a bird-like thing, able to fly around the screen and lift objects and even other LBP friends with her talons. Because, hey - you might just find a good use for that sort of behavior, what with the obstacles and friends that could use a good throwing around sometimes.


OddSock is fast and agile, able to wall-jump between walls to effectively climb areas that can't be climbed. And he generally runs around on all fours. Strange chap.

New Features:

Four-Player Multiplayer

Now Adventure Mode and downloaded levels can be played by up to four friends sitting in your living room or four random players online.

Enhanced Create Mode

Creating has been given an overhaul, with new tools allowing even more customization - you can even change how the characters look and play. Plus, the new Create Mode takes advantages of PS4 hardware advancements, such as the DualShock 4's Touch Pad.

Enhanced Visuals

The graphics have been improved. Greatly. We're talking very pretty visuals. We're talking textures that are four times as detailed as LBP 2 and the addition of depth of field - all in full 1080p. (Oh, that pretty.)

All. User. Created. Content.

That's right... Little Big Planet 3 will have access to all of the existing UGC community levels from the previous games, for a current total of over 8.5 million levels - all with enhanced graphics. Suh-weet.

Excited? Well, then... Why not preorder your copy at Amazon, today?