Tom Clancy's The Division: Year Two

It's already been a year since Tom Clancy's The Division blew away everyone who bore witness to its E3 2013 debut. It's back this year to do much more of the same. Even though it's probable that we'll see it at one more E3 before it finally makes its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, it's still very hard not to get excited about this incredibly ambitious open world third person tactical shooter.

In The Division, a pandemic unleashed on Black Friday has reduced the United States to a collapsed subcivilization. Anarchy reigns and order is nonexistent. Survival is the only goal for most of those lucky enough to have stayed alive to this point. But you're not most people. You're part of SHD, the eponymous Strategic Homeland Division. Your job? Save what remains. It's nowhere near as easy as it sounds -- and it doesn't even sound easy to begin with. Not only must you contend with a powerful enemy force, but your path will inevitably cross those of other players in this persistent online world.

Details on this promising title are sure to come in an avalanche as the year goes by, but we've got you covered with a taste of the action -- courtesy of our friends at Ubisoft.

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