Wargame Red Dragon Comes to Macintosh

This April, Wargame Red Dragon launched on PCs and, just recently, it also launched for Linux. Now, Wargame Red Dragon is also available for Mac.

It's available now, so players can download the full Mac versions of Wargame Red Dragon on Steam or from the official online Wargame Red Dragon store.

Wargame Red Dragon is designed to be cross-platform-compatible and cross-platform-sold; multiplayer mode can be played against opponents playing on PC, Linux or Mac. Further, owners of Wargame Red Dragon can download and install any and all of those versions of the game: PC, Linux and Mac.

On Sale on Steam

From today until Monday, June 16, you can buy Wargame Red Dragon at an amazing 33% discount, while the price of the new Wargame Franchise Pack, which now includes all 3 Wargame games, has been slashed by 40%. AirLand Battle and European Escalation, for their part, are both enjoying a 66% discount.

For more information, check out the official Wargame: Red Dragon website.