The Victorian Era - As You've Never Seen It Before

You are Sir Galahad, of an elite order of Knights that has been embroiled in a war against the forces of darkness for centuries, for The Order: 1886 places you in Victorian-Era London, with real-life locations such as Mayfair, Whitechapel, the Crystal Palace, the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and the London Tube. However, this is an alternate version of London, where the Industrial Revolution took a different turn, leading to great futuristic advancements of a tomorrow of the past. In a word, think "Steampunk." And, in a world where such advancing technology threatens to push monsters out of existence, the monsters have other ideas.

The Order: 1886 combines familiarity of history and popular mythology with advanced technology that is anachronistic in the Victorian era that we know, but in such a way as to make this alternate reality believable, helping players to suspend their disbelief. Additionally, the game features real-time "post-processing" effects that make it look and feel more like film, which helps this suspension of disbelief, as well. There are even sequences called "Cinemelee" sequences, in which players use strategy to dodge and evade enemy attacks manually.

The Knights of the Order are sworn to engage and destroy their evil, supernatural foes, but they are not simple, mundane mortals, themselves. Infused with the power of a strange arcane liquid known as "Blackwater," they are gifted with an enhanced healing factor and greatly lengthened lifespans. Now, thanks to the advances of the Industrial Revolution, The Order has at its disposal an arsenal of powerful weapons to gain victory over the monstrous half-breeds. However, at this same, pivotal moment, the very humans for whom they seek to secure a future are forming a growing rebellion against The Order and the oppressive government which it serves.

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What weapons are available to our heroes in this alternate version of London? How about the Arc Gun, a long-range weapon capable of shooting bolts of electricity? Not doing it for you? Well, who could resist the Thermite Rifle, which douses enemies is a cloud of flammable dust, then ignites it with a superheated flare? And, of course, you can't have anything steampunk without... airships...

The Order: 1886 is under development by Ready At Dawn Studios, the people who behind games such as Daxter, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, all games that pushed the limits of their targeted hardware... and now Ready at Dawn has turned their sites on PS4.

As of this writing, The Order: 1886 has not been rated. There is, however time for that, as the game is slated for release next year - specifically, February 20th, 2015. If you're already hooked, you can preorder your copy of The Order: 1886 today on Amazon.