You Better Shape Up

Ubisoft has an idea that just might revolutionize fitness. Or, at the very least, may improve the fitness of gamers everywhere. Well, Xbox One gamers, as their upcoming fitness game, Shape Up is exclusively for Xbox One.

Shape Up is posed to demonstrate that the more fun you have working out, the more you stick with it to achieve better results. The game features proven fitness methods mixed with workout routines designed to entertain and reward players using a unique arcade style display. Shape Up features three different modes, each one designed to keep gamers are engaged and motivated with strange challenges, resulting in point-driven fitness.

Shape Up Game Modes:

  • Quick Play - 90 second challenges focused on cardio or building muscle and 12 practice sessions led by Jake and Lily, the two Shape Up in-game coaches.
  • Training Quests - These 4-week programs give you structured workouts with specific goals in mind. Each 4-week program consists of 45 minutes of working out each week: three workouts of 15 minutes each.
  • Online Match - Swap rePLAY videos with friends and try to top their workout performances.
Utilizing the Kinect camera, players will see themselves in-game, which will help them keep track of workouts and calories burned each session, as well as observe the difference it's making on their physique. And, to prevent working out from being an isolated experience, the innovative Online mode uses a technology called "rePLAY" which pushes players to never work out alone. You can view and play against every previous workout you've done in the game, in-game training coaches, in-game "Fitness Champions" in the Training Quests and a few additional characters that haven't yet been revealed. One or two players can play together (and at the same time) in local co-op, while up to four can play in an Online Match mode.

Shape Up is jogging onto store shelves November 11, 2014 and you can preorder Shape Up for Xbox Oneon Amazon, now. For more information, check out the official Shape Up website.