Pssst! Hey You. Yeah... You.

Ever wondered why so many huge games feel so much like rehashes of other big games, while everyone everywhere keeps bemoaning the fact that there are never any new, fresh, original games?

Big companies sell lots of games. That's big money. Big money games means big money development efforts. The big guys play it safe because, while they may be "too big to fail," they're not going to get a government bail-out if they do.

So, where could all those new, unique, quirky, innovative games that people claim to want even come from, then? Independent developers. And, actually, that's likely to become a much bigger reality very soon. Indie games, such as Minecraft, have done well for themselves and even Microsoft has taken notice, with the introduction of the [email protected] program making a way for independent developers to deliver their quirky, unique gameplay to Xbox One gamers.

If you can't wait to see what innovative and funky games indie developers are coming up with, however, you need look no further than the Indiecade International Festival of Independent Games. The festival, itself, is next scheduled for October 9-12, 2014 in Culver City, California, but they also have "The Indiecade Showcase" at E3 each year. You can find a lot of interesting information on what was shown at the showcase on the official Indiecade Showcase @ E3 2014 website.