Run, Spidey, Run

In what Gameloft is touting as "the first web-runner," Spider-Man Unlimited, they draw upon over 50 years of Spider-Man comics, letting players play as a wide variety of iterations of everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

This game takes the genre (is it a genre?) of "Runner," where players control a character in a footrace with obstacles, and puts a unique Spidey-spin on it, enabling the player to swing over obstacles in a way that only (a) Spider-Man can.

The Sinister Six attempt to gain unlimited power by creating a dangerous dimensional rift, but that very rift allows various versions of Spider-Man to work together to stop them. Gamers will be able to play as Iron Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man, Ends of the Earth Spider-Man, Big Time Spider-Man and even The Amazing Bag Man - among others... Collect and upgrade 24* different versions of Spider-Man - purportedly the most variations to appear in a game, to date - in a fight against the Green Goblin, Vulture, Electro and their counterparts from other dimensions, as well.

"Gameloft has done a great job of creating a true to character Spider-Man experience for mobile gamers. Fans of all ages will enjoy the endless action of running, swinging and fighting through villains across New York City."
Javon Frazier, VP of Games Marketing, Marvel

Spider-Man Unlimited is scheduled to release on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, AndroidTM and Windows Phone early September 2014.

* The number "24" is an assumption on our part. The company claims "more than 23," and it only makes sense that if it were as many as 25 (or more), that would be stated. So, I'mma guess... 24.