Welcome Back to The Desert!

It was 2002 when Stronghold Crusader was released, putting a spin on the gameplay of the original Stronghold game with a heightened focus on skirmishing and replayability. That was twelve years ago.

Since then, there have been some updates (check out our review of Stronghold Crusader Extreme) and a lot of user-created maps, but it wasn't until Firefly became a fully independent development house that they've felt ready to approach the creation of a new Stronghold Crusader.

Now, Firefly is developing Stronghold Crusader II to update their much celebrated skirmish RTS game, with enhanced 3D graphics, havok-powered castle destruction physics, two new historic single-player campaigns, dynamic weather events (um, are locust swarms considered "weather"?) and other new features.


  • Castle Building - Design your strongholds, replete with devilish traps to annihilate those who dare to lay siege to them.
  • Skirmish Mode - Jump in and take on an A.I. opponent.
  • 8 Player Multiplayer - Select the map and game mode of your choice, then battle with a total of up to 8 players - human or A.I.
  • Wide Range of A.I. Lords - Familiar A.I. characters from the last game are back, and are joined with new A.I. opponents... All of which with distinct personalities, castles and play styles.
  • The Crusader Trail - Try your skills against a set of increasingly challenging Skirmish battles.
  • Co-op Play - Now you don't have to build your castle, control your troops and manage your resources all by yourself.
  • Castle Sandbox - Try your hand at the Map Editor or enter Free Build Mode to build the ultimate castle without fear of attack.

Stronghold Crusader II will be releasing on Steam and PC on September 2, 2014. For more information, you can check out the official Stronghold Crusader II website.