Ungh. Ungh, Ungh-Ungh Fire Ungh.

While some adventure games have hours of dialogue, Daedalic Entertainment's upcoming game, Fire plans to prove that adventures can work very well without spoken words. Why? Because the main character of the game, Ungh, can't actually speak any words.

The setting is a very cutified version of the Stone Ages, and Ungh was tasked with protecting and tending to his tribe's fire. Sadly, Ungh isn't the most reliable of cave men and he falls asleep and lets the fire go out.

A tribe can't make it without their all-important fire, so now it's Ungh's task to obtain fire for his tribe. His journey will be long and exciting and he will encounter strange, quirky creatures, challenging puzzles, ride dinosaurs and maybe - just maybe - get the girl.

Players will not only interact with Ungh, but also with the environment. Puzzles in Fire are intuitive and use simple click controls.

Fire is slated for a fourth-quarter release this year for PC and Mac. For more information, check out the official Daedalic website.