A New Meaning for Chaos on the Battlefield!

Dust off your boots and shine your weapons because it's time to head to the battleground! Battlecry is an upcoming 3rd-Person Online Team Action Combat game developed by BattleCry Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks where players are sent to the battleground to settle disputes the old-fashioned way: shooting people in the face!

Battlecry is all about going big with multiplayer and will feature 32-player battles across various WarZones. Players will be able to duke it out on the battleground with high-tech weaponry, a result of the Pansophic Revolution which came about from a ban on gunpowder. Players can choose between advanced melee weaponry or high-tech ranged gadgetry to secure victory. These aren’t just ordinary weapons though, as you’ll be using swords which can double as shields or bows that can push an arrow straight through a skull. Players are also able to choose what side they want to fight for, whether it be the Royal Marines, the Cossacks, or more. Advancing your rank will help you unlock new abilities and weapons, so you’d better put them to good use.

Combat isn't all about shooting, and Battlecry wants you to know that. Players are able to grapple, mantle and evade seamlessly in order to confuse their opponents and get the kill. An Adrenaline system allows players to unlock special powers or save it up to unleash devastating Ultimate abilities. Don't forget you're not the only out there, though! There’s 31 other players all vying for the same goal as you, and teamwork will be a big help in deciding who will take the WarZone or who will be lying on the ground with a bullet in the head.

You have to do your part for the team to win and with different classes, you’d better master the one you pick. Players will be able to choose from several different classes such as the Enforcer, a sword and shield wielder who can take damage and dish it out, the Tech Archer, who can unleash a volley of arrows, or the Duelist, who can use stealth and speed to dispatch enemies.

Players can form their own heart-wrenching war stories when the Battlecry beta releases in 2015 for the PC.

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