3D Audio Demo - Try it Here.

When trying to create an immersive audio experience, people will buy elaborate home theater audio setups with lots of speakers positioned around a central, solitary sweet spot. Sit in that sweet spot and it can sound just like you're there. Sit anywhere else and it's not as good. Anyone else in the room - or in the adjoining room - will also have to hear the sound.

In order to create a personal, private, believable 3D audio environment presents some problems of its own: we have only two ears, and creating a believable soundscape is difficult to do without room for the sounds to fully develop.

RealSpace 3D Audio is intended to create a realistic 3D surround sound environment using simple headphones - and you can try a demo while you're on this page. It, apparently, is all about audio processing and, once processed, this immersive audio can be experienced using a normal audio player with normal headphones, so grab your headphones and try out the video below:

RealSpace 3D Audio is also available as a Unity audio plug-in. For more information or to download their game demo showing off RealSpace 3D Audio, visit the official RealSpace 3D Audio website.