Serious Training for Professional Gamers

Anyone can dream of becoming a professional gamer, but what can someone do if they are serious about improving their skills? Anyone will tell you that "Practice makes perfect." But professional trainers will point out that only perfect practice makes perfect. If you're doing things wrong, playing more will just reinforce the way you're playing. To actually improve your game, you have to be able to analyze what you're doing and recognize what needs improvement. Then, you can keep working on your weaknesses until they become your strengths - and choose a new weakness to improve.

SteelSeries' new Sentry Eye Tracker takes competitive gaming training to a new level, by tracking a gamer's eye movements behaviors to allow them to work on their focus and efficiency during gameplay.

"When you think about the concept of eye tracking, you immediately think of innovation and next generation technology; apply that to gaming and you have something truly unique for gamers. At its core, the Sentry employs eye-tracking functionality from our partner, Tobii, who has been a pioneer in eye tracking across many industries. When you take that core functionality and apply the deep gaming expertise of SteelSeries, we think we are able to offer a product that is innovative and incredibly beneficial to gamers."
- Tino Soelberg, CTO, SteelSeries

Using the Sentry Eye Tracker allows a gamer to measure their Fixations per Minute (FPM) - how often they move their gaze and attention around the screen. Lower numbers can indicate that the player is able to more easily process high volumes of information. In order to give players some sort of benchmark or goal for there FPM scores, SteelSeries is working with top professional gamers from around the world to establish peak performance goals.

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve, even if its improvement at a granular level, that will sometimes be the difference between death and victory. Our players are incredibly motivated to not only use the Sentry Eye Tracker for their own gaming, but to be able to create standards that other players can measure their progress against."
- Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon, Chief Gaming Officer and former captain of Team Fnatic

For more information, check out the official SteelSeries Sentry website.