Break the Meta

The MOBA genre has carved out a major following over the past decade. It has surely grown a lot since its early days as a Warcraft III mod. Dawngate is an upcoming MOBA that is being developed by a group of long-time fans of the genre, and more to the point, Waystone Games is dedicated to listening to other players in order to hear exactly what the players want and need.

The game’s mantra seems to be "Break the meta," and boasts the ability to let gamers play a character in the role or style that he/she wants. Instead of the standard MOBA setup, Dawngate provides four roles that dictate the gamestyle of a character. Gladiators focus on killing minions, Tacticians are all about harassing and territory control. The Hunter role is for taking on minions off of the lanes, while the Predators are used for ambushing enemy Shapers.

To further customize your characters, Dawngate also sports a loadout system that lets you modify both stats and passive abilities. The loadout screen is a blank sheet that accepts Spiritstones. Spiritstones come in various shapes and your goal when setting up a loadout is to fill up the entire sheet with these tiles in order to maximize the effects. Each Spiritstone has one or more holes in them, and those are filled with Sparks. When all of the holes are filled in a Spiritstone, that tile’s special abilities will become active.

Dawngate is already in open beta and accessible just by heading to and signing up.