What Immortal Hand or Eye Could Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry?

Symmetry. It's been done. To death. Life forms are symmetrical, gameplay is symmetrical, blah. Grey Goo aims to change that.

Grey Goo is an RTS that pits three factions against each other in a bid for survival - and global domination. Two of the factions are interesting, I'm sure, but about what you would expect from an RTS, with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The third, however, is grey goo: a throbbing, growing, amorphous mass of nanobot death set to consume everything in its quest to create even more grey goo.

Grey Goo is schedule to be released in late 2014 on Steam. For more information, check out the official Grey Goo website... or sign up now for the Grey Goo Beta.

For a glimpse of the grey goo in action, check out this gameplay video taken by Gamespot at E3 2014:

Grey Goo Gameplay - E3 2014 (by Gamespot)