Magicka 2: Learn to Spell Again!

Paradox Interactive has announced their upcoming game, Magicka 2, will be released on PC and PS4. Magicka 2 packs the iconic spellcasting system (with thousands of spells), irreverent humor (see the trailer, below), and always-on, relationship-testing "friendly" fire into a new adventure with up to 4-player co-operative gameplay - not on some levels or modes, but on all levels and game modes - complete with the ability to drop in/out on the fly. This allows friends to jump in and help out when you need it. Unless they accidentally* kill you, instead. Also new this time around is an "Artifact" system, which introduces new changes to the gameplay and allows you to add some twists to the levels.

Featuring a story-driven Campaign Mode, new co-op gameplay features, and plenty of surprises, Magicka 2 will have players casting and blasting together on computers and consoles alike.

Check out the E3 2014 trailer, below. Please note: this trailer depicts a cat getting hit with friendly fire. (Now I see why that's so funny.) For those concerned, the cat is either not actually hurt (because this is a fictional depiction), or the cat is utterly obliterated by magic, but the Wizard can simply use a Revive spell after that scene is over and Fluffy will be as good as new.

"Millions of people enjoyed the first Magicka, even after their friends exploded their heads with an 'accidental' fire beam. The next chapter of the Magicka saga is going to introduce new twists on the gameplay and customization options, all presented with beautiful art and animation on the PC and PS4. Our players will be able to control their Wizards the way they like, assuming their fellow spellcasters let them live that long."
- Fredrik Wester, CEO, Paradox Interactive
In Magicka 2, Wizards will attempt to survive the next chapter of the Magicka tale, exploring a Midgard that has been ravaged by the recent Wizard Wars and left almost completely devoid of Wizards. Wield the might of the dynamic Magicka spellcasting system. Choose from a wide selection of robes and staffs to create the Wizard you've always wanted to be. Be challenged by new enemy classes, while trying not* to hit your friends... and seek guidance from Vlad, who is, thankfully, not a vampire.

For more information, visit the official Magicka 2 website.

* Warning: Not all accidents are accidents. Death by friendly fire kills just like unfriendly fire, but may hurt more. Friendly fire may cause distrust, payback and increased friendly fire incident occurrence. Your mileage may vary. Not for the other use. Not valid where prohibited by law. May be unavailable in some states. Frozen, for example. Live long and prosper. And so forth.