Play Cops 'n Robbers Again

Visceral Games, best known for their Dead Space series, is bringing the Battlefield series into the urban sprawl with Battlefield: Hardline. Playing in Miami and Los Angeles, you'll get the opportunity to battle it out online by choosing to be either a cop or a criminal. In a 32-player Capture the Flag variant called Heist that was shown at EA's E2 2014 Press Conference, we saw a heist taking place in Los Angeles involving an armored car. As the criminals approached the armored car, one would break into the vehicle for the loot while the others protected him from the police onslaught. Meanwhile, the cops came raining in on motorcycles and in helicopters, bringing down a hail of gunfire with them. Once one of the criminals has the loot, it is up to him to get it back to safety, hopefully with a member or two of his team still alive, but the cops will fight hard to not let that happen. The team at Visceral Games wants very much to stick to what fans love in the Battlefield series - team play, strategy, lots of destruction and open battles, but they wanted to give it a fresh approach by taking it to the streets... of Miami and L.A. While they promise to deliver on the Single Player Campaign as well, they were fairly tight-lipped, wanting to focus on the Multiplayer aspect. So much so that EA announced the Battlefield: Hardline beta is open to the public right now by going to the Battlefield website to sign up or those who currently own Battlefield 4 for the PS4 can start downloading it immediately via PSN.

Check out some screens and six minutes of frantic multiplayer action in the Battlefield: Hardline video below for yourself and get started downloading your beta!

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