One Arrow - One Shot

From Devolver Digital, the crazy publisher that brought us such titles as Broforce and Hotline Miami, comes Titan Souls, a top-down action game reminiscent in style to the classic Zelda, where you'll be visiting a dimension ruled and protected by the mighty titans. You'll face 20 of them, each one guarding a shard of the Titan Souls, which was previously shattered into pieces and scattered throughout the dimension. Now you, a guy with only one arrow - yes, that's right, one frickin' arrow! - must go up against each of these titans in an attempt to put the Titan Soul back together again. Along the way, every time you defeat a titan by exploiting it's weakness, you will gain it's primeval power for yourself. Pretty wicked, huh? Sure, you've only got one arrow, but at least it's a boomer-arrow, or something like that. You can shoot it, then summon it back. Are you going to die in this game? Yes, a lot! But if we've learned anything, it's that some gamers love a challenge (remember the Dark Souls series, right?). If you love a seemingly impossible mission and classic gaming, then keep your eyes peeled for Titan Souls coming in early 2015 to PS4, PS Vita, Mac and PC. Until then, check out these sweet screens.