Everybody, Dance Now

At the Ubisoft E3 2014 Press Conference, Ubisoft showed off Just Dance 2015, which includes a feature called, "Just Dance Now," which allows any smart phone to be used as a controller to join in the fun, limiting the number of players who can play... to the number of players who can see the on-screen cues. Not just tens of players, or hundreds of players... but thousands of players can play if they can all see the screen. (Why do I see "Twitch Plays Just Dance 2015 in our future?)

This feature works by tracking hand movements via the phone being held in one hand. I'm not sure if that means it's only tracking the single hand movement per player or if it is somehow inferring additional movement, but it's an interesting twist.

Those who consider themselves to be quite skilled at Just Dance 2015 may enjoy a new social feature - Just Dance 2015 will also be more social by allowing players to share their responses to be used to replace the in-game video during gameplay, as they put it, "Putting you in the game."

Check out more about the Just Dance 2015 on the official website.