nYko Goes Modular on PS4 and Xbox One

The Modular line of products, showcased at E3 2014, is designed to maintain the style of the PS4 and Xbox One, while adding a little extra performance in just the areas that those consoles need it.

I enjoy my PlayStation 4, when I can play it, but I've found that the whole "keeping the controller charged" thing is a serious problem for me. Just recently, I had to interrupt a game-playing session to run out to the store for a replacement controller because the original one wouldn't take a charge. By the time I returned, the original was starting to charge. Gah!

Play Longer

To address this issue, nYko has the Power Pak for PS4 - an external rechargeable battery pack that provides up to twice the battery life for the Dualshock 4 controller. The sleek casing is designed to keep the Dualshock 4 comfortable to use. Further, the Power Pak features a pass-through micro USB charging design, so that they can be recharged simultaneously without removing the Power Pak from the Dualshock 4. The unit also features a power switch, allowing you to only use the Power Pak when you want to - again, without the hassle of removing it. Oh, and if you have a Nyko Charge Base, don't worry... the Power Pak for PS4 is compatible with it. The Power Pak for PS4 is available now and retails for $19.99 USD. Want one? Buy the Power Pak for PS4 on Amazon today.

Keep It Clean

The Modular Charge Kit for PS4 is designed to extend the width of your PS4 and, hidden within, features two retractable micro USB cables which hide away in a hidden compartment when not in use. Also included is a detachable cleaning brush with a retractable detailing edge.

The Modular Charge Kit for PS4 will be sliding smoothly and with utmost sophistication onto store shelves this holiday season for a suggested retail price of $19.99 USD. (Patent Pending.)

Those Boards Don't Work on Water ...Unless You've Got Power

Alright, Marty, grab those fuel cells and bring them over here. We're going to charge them up to 1.21 Giga... wait, what?

Sorry... I spiraled off at "fuel cells." Evidently, the Xbox One is from the future (or I'm stuck in the past), but at any rate, the Modular Power Station for Xbox One includes two fuel cells for Xbox One controllers and is designed to recharge them and store them conveniently out of sight in built-in, hidden charging bays. As with the Modular Charge Kit for PS4, the design extends the side of the console, maintaining its style, but providing extra functionality like, say, frickin' fuel cells. Also, the Modular Power Station for Xbox One avoids adding to the jungle of cables draped across your entertainment system, as it is designed to plug into a side USB port on the Xbox One - no cords required. There are handy LED indicators on the front to show the charging status of each fuel cell.

The Modular Power Station for Xbox One is going back to the future - specifically, the 2014 holiday season - and will retail for $29.99 USD - which is a bargain, considering that's less than the price of bread in the time it's from... (Patent will have had been pending.)

Without Turning The Other Cheek

Tired of getting up to change settings or digging through a stack of remotes? Media Remote for Xbox One empowers you with complete control of media and apps on the Xbox One, from watching Blu-ray movies, streaming media to listening to music. You can use it to navigate the Xbox One interface or use the media-specific controls directly. Thanks to the Xbox One's built-in IR receiver, there are no required hardware or software installs. Furthermore, using it along with the Kinect sensor allows the remote to control TV volume and other basic controls.

The Media Remote for Xbox One will retail for $14.99 USD when it hit store shelves later this summer.

Play it. Cool.

Perhaps the original nYko product that was designed to be modular, the Intercooler has returned, with versions for the Xbox One and PS4. Designed with the console's cooling system in mind, the Intercoolers increase airflow to rapidly and more efficiently reduce the ambient temperature inside the case.

The Intercooler for the PlayStation 4 uses nYko's patented Power Pass-Through technology, getting its own power from the power cord of the PS4, for a clean install without additional cords. Also, this allows the Intercooler to power on and off with the console automatically.

In contrast, the Intercooler for the Xbox One is powered by the side USB port and features nYko's patented TempSmart technology - to power itself on and off as needed.

Both units are designed to maintain their respective console's décor, texture, style and design and both will retail for $24.99 USD. The PS4 version will be available this Summer, while Xbox One gamers will have to wait until the Fall.