The FPS Genre is Going to Feel This One
Product: Section 8
Company: Gamecock Media
Date: 03/17/2008
Avaliable On:

If you had to choose between throwing in your elite, well-trained and very expensive units, or a group of volunteers into the front lines of battle, well then it would be crazy if you didn't choose the volunteers. Even crazier are these volunteers who knowingly hurl themselves into harm's way. So who else would you designate as a group crazy enough to pull this off but Section 8. I got a very early look at the game at Gamecock's EIEIO event before SXSW in Austin, Texas. Even though it is early in the development cycle, they had some beautiful environments, vehicles, and overall gameplay to show us.

Section 8 and its developers, Timegate Studios, are doing something that few FPS veterans seem to have done; they have listened to the players. There are several key features that right off of the bat make this a unique FPS experience that is sure to rattle the genre. So, as promised, let's spill the beans on just a few of the gems they did let out about this game. First and most noticeable about the new generations of FPS's is their, forgive the pun, breaking out of the box and entering huge and expansive exterior environments. Again, this game wishes to push the boundaries, so the worlds are vast and diverse. Everyone loves spawn-campers; I know I do. NOT! So how do you get past that? You create a dynamic world entry system where players cannot guess or know where the next spawn will be. Think of it as skydiving at the speed of sound. Strategic FPS's have pigeon-holed many players into one kit choice or another, trying to bring balance to their game. Here, you take in only what you need and/or want. The last piece of intel they left us with is that the control points will actually be dynamic. No more running around each other to capture points that are of no real use; you just know you need to catch them to win. Now strategic points will provide you with, you guessed it, a strategic advantage.

No word yet on exactly how much machine it is going to take to make this go, but it was being run on a good sized XPS from what I could see. Also staying mum about the actual number of players that are capable of being on a map at any one time, they did promise their goal was to get as many people on a map as possible. A very bold endeavor to say the least, but from what I personally saw, they have the ability to back up any one of their claims. Look for this to make its way to the public in a about a year or more.

WUMPUSJAGGER aka Bryon Lloyd

GameVortex PSIllustrated