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A Game of Dwarves: Ale Pack
Score: 90%
Publisher: Steam
Developer: Paradox
Media: Download/1
Players: 1
Genre: Strategy/Puzzle (Time Management)/God Games

99 Bottles of Ale on the Wall:

Dwarves live underground where it's dark and dank and they mine for gems and gold and minerals... which isn't a problem for them, as they can see in the dark, they like it dank, and enjoy mining for gold and gems and minerals. But it's not an easy life, and there aren't a lot of luxuries to go around. What dwarves do like... what makes them happy... is ale. Quite frankly, when you're playing A Game of Dwarves, what with all the mining and building and gardening and building and fighting for your lives, it can sometimes be difficult to keep your clan happy.

Take One Down, Pass it Around:

The Ale Pack provides the bounty of beer-like beverages in two convenient formats: a Barrel of Ale, which is sure to liven any dwarven party, and an Ale Plant, which "grows" ale over time, basically serving as a happiness crop. Happiness is an important factor in A Game of Dwarves, affecting the productivity of your dwarves, so a cheaper, easier way to generate happiness can help out a bit.

Buy Me a Drink?:

So, is it worth it? Well, in terms of DLC, the Ale Pack has the least features of any DLC that I can remember. However, it costs just under a dollar on Steam and I saw it on sale over the holidays for half off... less than 50 cents.

I hate games that nickel and dime you to death, but there was some free DLC made available over the holidays and there are other ways to make your dwarves happy, if you keep your Crafter busy. So, given that it's not required to play the game and that it's so inexpensive, I recommend the Ale Pack for anyone who would rather simply grow happiness as a crop or cash in 300 wood to tap some good times.

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