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Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords
Score: 85%
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Media: Download/1
Players: 1
Genre: Adventure

Previously on: Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords starts off just after the shocking conclusion of the series' first episode. In it, we were introduced to House Forrester, bannermen to the Starks. Unfortunately, this introduction happens on the eve of the Red Wedding, not a good day to be loyal to the Wardens of the North.

Throughout the episode, we controlled several members of the family, as well as one squire, as they were forced to deal with the rapidly changing politics that resulted from that night. The squire, Gared Tuttle, is sent away from The Twins to tell the Forresters what happened, and witnesses his family being assaulted. His actions lead to him being sent to The Wall, both in an attempt to appease a rival family and to protect Gared himself.

Meanwhile, with Lord Forrester and his heir dead at The Twins, the lordship falls to young Ethan, who, given two older brothers (the second-born exiled to Essos), never had a lot of training to become Lord. As Ethan, the player is forced to make several key decisions in everything from choosing a primary advisor to figuring out how to treat Lord Bolton's bastard son and the rival Whitehill family when they come demanding ownership of the rare Ironwood forest.

The third prong to the previous episode introduced us to the Forrester's eldest daughter, Mira. As a handmaiden to Margarey Tyrell at King's Landing, the family asks her to ask for assistance from Margarey and the Lannisters.

The result of all of this was a very Game of Thrones ending that, while shocking, is not totally unexpected given the notorious universe the game takes place in.


Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords starts off in Essos where we finally meet the exiled Forrester son, Asher. As we learn about his character, we find out that he was sent away because of a budding romance between him and a Whitehill daughter. When the romance of these star-crossed lovers was revealed, Asher is humiliated, estranged and sent away. Now, he is a sell-sword in Yunkai just after Daenerys Targaryen liberated its slaves.

Partnered with a woman named Beskha, the two have to work out a few problems of their own before Asher's uncle, Malcolm, appears and tells Asher of his family's situation and they start working on a way to get out of their current troubles in order to head back to Westeros and Ironrath.


The part of Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords that takes place at the Forrester castle, Ironrath, starts off not long after Ethan's death when a corpse wagon pulls up with a pile of bodies from The Twins. Among the bodies are the dead Lord and Rodrik, though, much to everyone's surprise, the eldest Forrester son is not actually dead.

Like Ethan in the last episode, Rodrik struggles with not looking weak in front of the occupying Whitehill troops, though his potential weakness doesn't stem from his young years, but from his extensive injuries. Rodrik is faced with his own set of choices that all come down to the same thing. How does he make House Forrester look strong when their biggest enemies seem to be able to come in and do whatever they want.

King's Landing:

Meanwhile at King's Landing, Mira is asked by her mother to help her family with a particular part of their current woes, and again, this help is supposed to come via Mira's connections with Margarey. This may or may not go well for you depending on how well you handled this bit of political maneuvering in the last game. Either way though, Mira might have to take matters into her own hands if she wants help from the more prominent noble family.

Of course, Mira's problems aren't only about dealing with her mother's request. She finds herself in a difficult spot when the Whitehills are attempting to move in on Forrester selling agreements concerning Ironwood. Matters go from bad to worse though when Mira finds her room tossed and a strange note on her bed. While the rest of her family is dealing with the more brutal aspects of the world, Mira herself seems to be the one who has to deal with the more conniving and scheming people in this story.

The Wall:

Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords's last setting takes place at The Wall with Gared finally reaching Castle Black and getting his first insight into his new life. Much like Jon Snow, Gared is trained in weapons and tactics, so like the Snow in the main story, Gared finds himself apart from the thieves and rapists that are forced to The Wall as an alternative to other punishments.

Before this episode is over, Gared has to prove his weapons proficencies and strengths while under the watchful eye of a trainer named Frostfinger and of Jon Snow himself. Gared will also become acquaintances with two other recruits, one a pickpocket and the other a man sent to The Wall for sleeping with a noble's wife. While training, some friction will arise between the three that will force the player to make a few choices that could lead to more trouble down the road.

Next Time on: Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords ends on a somber note with the Forrester family, at least those still at Ironrath, attending their family members' funeral. While this episode doesn't end quite as shockingly as the first, it starts a few fires burning that are bound to build up into bigger problems later in the series. Hopefully, some of the tough situations the Forresters find themselves in will start to come to a head in Episode 3 - The Sword in the Darkness.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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