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Konami presents...

"Show Us Your Frogger" Contest

Calling all Frogger fans! Konami is celebrating Frogger's 25th Anniversary, and they want to see your inner Frog. Just send them a photo of yourself doing or wearing something that represents Frogger to be entered to win a Frogger scooter and helmet.

Entries will be posted for voting on the Frogger 25th Anniversary site during the six weeks beginning on September 11th. Weekly winners will face off against each other in a final vote to determine who will win the Grand Prize package.

Oh, no! you've missed out on this contest; this contest ended on 2006-10-29. If you entered in the contest, the company that ran the contest should contact you, posted the winners at their site, or made the winners public by other means as stated in their official contest rules. You can return to their contest page for more information.

Check back here for more contests soon!

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