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GameVortex and THQ present...

for PS2 Sweepstakes

Ash is back in a new Evil Dead game, Evil Dead Regeneration. You'll get Evil Dead's signature "Over-The-Top" style, non-stop action with dual weapon combos, with Bruce Campell reprising the role of Ash and introducing Ted Raimi as the voice of Ash's new half-deadite sidekick. Well, you get it if you win, that is!

THQ has generously donated three copies each of Evil Dead Regeneration for the PS2 and Xbox. If you're looking for a Xbox game, try the other contest. If you prefer PS2 flavored prizes, enter below!

(Want to find out more about the game in the mean time? Check out our review of the PS2 version!)

Oh, no! you've missed out on this contest; this contest ended on 2005-12-15.

This Contest's Winners:
Alan Rodberg
David Filley
Bob Ray

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