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GameVortex and LapWorks, Inc. present...

Futura Gamers' Desk and Mouzpad Giveaway

Tired of fumbling your laptop when you're not at your desk? Now you can game from anywhere you can sit down. You just need a solution that makes your laptop actually work well in your lap.

You may have read our reviews of LapWorks' products already. The difference between this lap desk and the one we reviewed is the addition of the Max Mouzpad. It expands the length to 30+ inches and increases the mousing area to 9x11 inches. The base unit and the regular MouzPad which attaches to the opposite end remain the same. For more information, you can read our review of the Futura Laptop Desk and Desk Stand.

Or, check out LapWorks’ Gamers page:

Also, if you simply can't wait to get your hands a Futura Laptop Desk or you want another product from them, you can use the following coupon code and you'll receive 20% off of your order...


Not only that - The 20% discount is in addition to any other special LapWorks may be running at the time of order. However, this discount is only good through the end of the contest.The folks at LapWords have extended the discount offer through July 22nd.

Oh, no! you've missed out on this contest; this contest ended on 2009-07-08. If you entered in the contest and you won, we'll be contacting you via email very soon, so check your email! Also, you can check back here to see the list of winners, once we've heard back from them and shipped out the prizes.

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