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Trendy Entertainment presents...

Dungeon Defenders Map Contest

Some gamers really enjoy making their mark on a game. These gamers are the "Tweakers"... the ones that can spend hours adjusting their gear to get the stats they desire, carefully placing layers of abstract shapes on top of each other to build up a photorealistic vinyl emblem on a race car or creating a new track or level in a game's editor. (You know who you are.)

Well, if you're the type who likes to create your own levels, you may just want to check out Dungeon Defenders' current contest. You'll need to purchase and download Dungeon Defenders if you don't already have it, then download the Download the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit and set to work. (There are even some Dungeon Defenders Dev Kit Tutorials to point you in the right direction.

What's in it for you? Glad you asked. First prize is a thousand dollars... and your map gets featured in Dungeon Defenders' Ranked Mode. Get crackin'... all entries must be received by June 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Oh, and, yes, of course there are other rules. For those, you'll need to...

Oh, no! you've missed out on this contest; this contest ended on 2012-06-21. If you entered in the contest, the company that ran the contest should contact you, posted the winners at their site, or made the winners public by other means as stated in their official contest rules. You can return to their contest page for more information.

Check back here for more contests soon!

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