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Contests at Gamevortex...

Whether you're hoping to win video game prizes for your console, media (such as DVD movies or CDs) or you just like trying to win free stuff in general, you're going to want to book mark this page. This where you'll find out how to enter contests and sweepstakes that we hold as well as where you can see who won previous contests.
Check them out...
PREVIOUS CONTESTS...Opened on...Closed on...
Ant-Sized Xbox One Giveaway2015-12-142015-12-21
Destiny Beta Promotional Code Giveaway2014-07-162014-07-16
TransFormers Prime for WiiU Giveaway2012-11-232012-12-10
Call of Duty: Black Ops II for WiiU Giveaway2012-11-232012-12-10
The Blacklight: Retribution "30 Days of Fight" Sweepstakes 2012-08-062012-09-13
Hello, Little Rock, Can You Hear Me Now?2012-08-052012-08-12
System Mechanic Giveaway2012-06-242012-07-25
Dungeon Defenders Map Contest2012-04-192012-06-21
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Beta Promotional Code Giveaway2011-09-142011-09-24
Realms Online Promotional Code Giveaway2011-05-232011-06-23
Remnant Knights Closed Beta Key Giveaway2011-02-082011-03-08
Cocolani Island Closed Beta Key Giveaway2011-01-272011-02-28
Literary Classic DVD Giveaway2010-09-162010-09-30
Futura Gamers' Desk and Mouzpad Giveaway2009-06-082009-07-08
Texas Cheat ‘Em PSN Giveaway2009-05-182009-06-08
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Giveaway2009-05-072009-06-08
The Great Paradox Giveaway2008-01-222008-10-01
Captain N and the New Super Mario World DVD Giveaway2007-11-182007-12-16
Karas: The Revelation Giveaway2007-10-262007-11-28
Cartoon Network Racing Giveaway2006-11-232006-12-16
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Giveaway2006-11-232006-12-16
Nancy Drew Giveaway2006-11-232006-12-11
Age of Pirates Giveaway2006-09-262006-10-26
"Show Us Your Frogger" Contest2006-08-282006-10-29
"The Wizard" DVD Giveaway2006-08-302006-09-15
Drakengard 2 Contest2006-03-212006-04-22
TYCOON CITY NEW YORK Sweepstakes2006-03-072006-04-08
JARHEAD DVD - 1-Disc Edition Sweepstakes2006-03-092006-04-10
DOOMWidescreen DVD Sweepstakes2006-02-192006-03-16
EVIL DEADREGENERATION for PS2 Sweepstakes2005-11-152005-12-15
EVIL DEADREGENERATIONfor Xbox Sweepstakes2005-11-152005-12-15

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