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8MB Memory Card
Score: 100%
Developer: MadCatz


Well, folks, it's a Memory Card. You save your data to it. Easy enough? It slips into one of the Xbox controller expansion slots and you can save games or transfer data from the hard drive. And because the Xbox does have a hard drive built in, you really don't need a Memory Unit at all. The only reason for one is to take your saves or settings with you to another Xbox machine. For this convenience, Mad Catz has included a handy little plastic carrying case.


The Mad Catz 8MB Memory Card works absolutely perfectly. It fits very snugly into the standard controller's expansion slot, so you don't have to worry about it not being in place when you're ready to save. It has a full 8MB of uncompressed data, which is the same as the Microsoft MU, for about 5 bucks less. As a bonus, the Mad Catz 8MB Memory Card is the only MU that comes pre-loaded with game saves from various game developers. Mine came with two from Electronic Arts: 4x4 Evo and Madden NFL 2002.

  • Officially Licensed for Xbox
  • Full 8MB of Storage Space
  • Handy Carrying Case
  • Includes Sticker Labels
  • Multiple Colors (5 Total)
  • Pre-Loaded Game Saves
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No-Data-Loss Guarantee
  • MSRP of only 29.99US

Drawbacks & Problems::

I have experienced no problems thus far, and don't intend to. But with a lifetime warranty and a 'no-data-loss guarantee,' you can rest assured that you'll always be covered. Now that's what I call standing behind your product! I'm usually one to always buy first-party hardware, but the Mad Catz 8MB Memory Card is essentially the same unit, with added pre-loaded saves, for less money than Microsoft's MU. My suggestion is to save your 5 bucks and buy this one.

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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